Tuesday, May 30, 2017

St. George Weekend

The kids got out of school last Friday and we took a quick road trip to St. George. We invited Grandpa and Grandpa to come along and all packed into the van. 

Mason caught this great fish at Minersville Reservoir. 

We stayed in a rental condo and the last day there was still a lot of ice cream left, so the kids all got ice cream for breakfast. 

We went hiking in Snow Canyon and in Pioneer Park. 

The condo had a great pool and hot tub. 

McKay hung out with his mom and grandma while the big boys and grandpa did a big hike. He loved  the playground with the cement turtles. 

Spring Break

The kids spent most of Spring Break in Delta, but when they came back I took a few days off and we had a great time. We spent a day at Provo Beach Resort and the kids had a great time.

The kids played laser tag, bowled, played video games, and ate LOTS of pizza. 

McKay just couldn't get enough of the carousel. And you can tell by the looks on the older boys' faced that they were not impressed. 


I'm always through with my first year as a faculty member in the psychology department and so far, so good.

I get asked to do a lot of special presentations. I thought this one was funny because they had a big sign advertising my presentation on anxiety that made me very anxious.

A highlight of this year was inviting my former mentor, Clara Hill, to give a presentation at BYU. That evening I went out for dinner with both Clara and Mike Lambert, my undergrad mentor. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Few Pictures from the Last Few Months

Mason had his final band concert of elementary school. He's enjoyed playing the trumpet and will continue in band in Junior High. 
Max LOVES sewing with his sewing machine and recently asked how you sew with just a thread and needle. I bought this little beginners cross-stitch kid and he took right to it. 

Every year Edgemont Elementary has a big carnival as a fund raiser, and every year I hope the kids won't "win" a goldfish. Every year they do. Our goldfish from last year is still alive despite just being kept in a bowl on our kitchen counter. This one came home and lasted a few days.

The kids on the barrel train ride and the Edgemont Extravaganza.

Myles learned a lot about Utah pioneers in 4th grade this year. One of the days they were invited to dress up like either pioneers or "mountain men" and this is what we came up with. I drew the line at him taking a fake pistol to school. 

Mason sprained his wrist a few weeks ago. It was a long wait in urgent care and some painful x-rays, but with the brace it healed up within a few weeks. 

Marshall has created a tradition of always making pancakes for the kids on Saturday mornings--when they can wake him up. One Saturday a few weeks ago they got tired of waiting and Mason made them himself.  

Sometimes I take McKay into work with me when I just need to go for a short period of time. Recently he discovered the vending machine, and now whenever he walks into the building he is suddenly "SO HUNGRY". His favorite thing to buy is the EXACT same yogurt we have at home. I guess it tastes better from a vending machine?

McKay has been loving preschool and I think we will both be sad to see it end this week. I'm pulling him out for June, July, and August while I'm not working. 

Marshall and I went to a friends' wedding at Thanksgiving Point and had the opportunity to tour the tulip festival. It was something I've always wanted to do and was as beautiful as I imagined. 

Myles competed in the Pinewood Derby and although he didn't place this year, made an amazing car complete with 3-D printed parts. 

A few weeks ago Mason had a really rough day with what seemed like failure after failure (some days are just like that). We decided he needed a special dinner out and so I took him to Red Lobster and let hm order the HUGE meal (which he finished). This kid loves his seafood. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hapkido Rank Advancements

Myles and Max have been doing Hapkido twice a week throughout the school year and have made tremendous progress.

Here they are with their certificates. Myles takes this all very seriously. Max does not. 

Myles was awarded his brown belt. Next year he will join the advanced class and start working towards his black belt, which he could receive in 2 years and then start teaching. He is really talented at this and I hope he decides to continue. 

Max has advanced quickly and was awarded his purple belt. He love the classes. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

1st Grade Field Trip

I've been volunteering in Max's first grade classroom for an hour a week this year and have particularly worked with a few kids who have some behavioral problems. When they didn't have enough chaperones for their 1st grade field trip to the Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum, his teacher BEGGED me to come along to help with the more difficult kids. Fortunately the trip was on a day I didn't teach so I was able to arrange to come.

I'm really not cut out to be an elementary teacher. Or maybe even the mom of 4 boys. This bus ride just about killed me. Everytime I ride a bus with a bunch of kids I feel like I'm going to throw up. The noise, the heat, the smells, the bouncing. Its awful. 

Once we got to the museum we had a pretty good time. It is always fun to see Max interact with his classmates. One of the little girls had a HUGE crush on Max and wanted to hold his hand the whole time. She would grab his hand and Max would look at me with a panicked expression like "how do I get out of this" and I would grab is other hand and say that it was my turn to hold hands with him. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hamilton Party

Myles turned 10 on April 24th and wanted a Hamilton birthday party. If you don't know, Hamilton is a broadway play based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, the first treasury secretary of the US. I introduced the music to the kids last summer and Myles became OBSESSED! He has almost every word of the 4 hour soundtrack memorized, has read countless books about Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and the Revolutionary War. So when he wanted a Hamilton birthday party I wasn't really surprised but was also pretty worried about how to pull it off. Fortunately, moms of other pre-teens and teens have had the same problem, have been much more creative, and shared their ideas on Pinterest. It turned out to be lots of fun.

On Myles' actually birthday we just had cheesecake and raspberries with family. 

The day of his birthday I checked him out of school and we went out for Crepes (his very favorite) for lunch. 

For the first part of the party we made tricorne hats   out of cardstock so that everyone would look like they belonged in the 1700s.  

For his birthday, Mason gave Myles this "Alexander Hamilton wig." I made a really simple sheet cake and then cut out the Hamilton logo out of pre-made black fondant. I used gold sprinkles for the background. 

Myles has a great little group of friends. Unfortunately they weren't nearly as obsessed with Hamilton as Myles is, but they still had a great time. 

Sunday, April 02, 2017

New York Work Trip

Every year for the last 4-5 years I've gone to a conference in late February/early March called the American Group Psychotherapy Association. Most years it is held in New York and a handful of my friends from BYU go and we have a great time. This year was no exception. I feel so lucky to be able to do this and it is all thanks to my awesome husband and mother-in-law. It takes a village to raise a child--especially if mommy wants to travel!

Highland with my Shrink Friends
A loooong escalator ride to the subway. 

The Chelsea Market was AMAZING! It was cute little boutique stores and restaurants. Definitely somewhere I want to visit again. 

I had no idea that Raman could be this good. The place in Chelsea Market was AMAZING!

Me and my BFF Corinne in Grand Central Station. 

I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth and scored tickets to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert for me and Corinne.. . .for the WRONG DAY! They were for 2 weeks later so I had to give them away. 

I saw three Broadway shows in NYC. First was Dear Evan Hansen. It was soooo good and I bawled like a baby when the mom had her moment with her teenage son. The second was HAMILTON!! Seriously a dream come true. . .even if it made my kids hate my guts for awhile. 

The third was Amelie. It was pretty good but not my favorite. 

Sushi (bento box for me) in NYC before the show. 

This is me and Jennie after the presentation we did with a woman from China who loved our presentation and invited us to present in China. We haven't heard from her since, but fingers crossed. . .

The best thing about going to AGPA every year is the amazing colleagues I go with. My stomach ached from laughing so hard by the time I crashed every night. 

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Mason's 12th Birthday

My beautiful baby boy turned 12! I think the time has come when blog posts about his birthday don't include the stats about his doctor check-up, but I can't help gushing about my boy. Mason brings me so much happiness and joy. I really couldn't ask for a better big brother for his little brothers or oldest son to me. He is kind, compassionate, funny, and just an overall great kid.

For Mason's birthday we took him and some friends (and his brothers) to play a few rounds of laser tag and for cheesecake. 

February 2017

McKay spend a few days in Delta while we did the state Lego League competition. He loves grandpa's 4-wheelers. 

Max got this Robot for Christmas and Marshall finally got around to putting it together for him. It had over 1700 pieces and took the more than 8 hours! It is pretty cool, and we ended up taking it to his school for a demonstration. 

McKay's little preschool class is my favorite thing ever! He has the best friends and learns so much. In February he learned about 20 nursery rhymes and remembers them all!

Mason and his friend Shea did a science fair project. The results: there is no correlation between the size of a clementine and the number of segments. Three science fairs down, dozens to go. 

In an attempt to expose the kids to some cultural experiences, I took them to BYU's production of Mary Poppins. It was great and the kids reluctantly loved it. 

McKay had his first hair cut where he DIDN'T cry and scream. 

Myles and I started a tradition of going out for lunch together on Tuesdays. He was having a little touch of "middle-child syndrome" and needed some extra attention. Plus he loves crepes. 

McKay's best buddy at preschool is Grace, who happens to be one of my students' daughter. 

I gave the keynote at the BYU Women's Honor's Society Induction dinner and was awarded an honorary membership. 

Max's artistic ability amazes me. He LOVES to paint and would do it all day if he could. Lately he is obsessed with Van Gough and made his own version of "Starry Night." I also checked out a bunch of books from the library about Van Gough and he is loving just pouring over them. 

This is our only picture from the State Lego League tournament. Our kids did a great job and had a lot of fun. 

While we did the State Lego League tournament Max and McKay went to Delta. Grandma helped Max sew a pair of pants and McKay loved playing with the VERY tolerant cat and dog. 

This boy has been having problems sleeping. He gets up in the night and comes to our room. Then he wakes up again early. Then he falls asleep on the way to preschool. 

Another example of Max's artistic ability. He cut out pictures of Presidents' faces and made them ballerinas!

I went to a really fun concert with some friends. We saw Hive Riot with Mindy Gledhill.  And I stayed out until midnight.