Thursday, May 18, 2017

1st Grade Field Trip

I've been volunteering in Max's first grade classroom for an hour a week this year and have particularly worked with a few kids who have some behavioral problems. When they didn't have enough chaperones for their 1st grade field trip to the Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum, his teacher BEGGED me to come along to help with the more difficult kids. Fortunately the trip was on a day I didn't teach so I was able to arrange to come.

I'm really not cut out to be an elementary teacher. Or maybe even the mom of 4 boys. This bus ride just about killed me. Everytime I ride a bus with a bunch of kids I feel like I'm going to throw up. The noise, the heat, the smells, the bouncing. Its awful. 

Once we got to the museum we had a pretty good time. It is always fun to see Max interact with his classmates. One of the little girls had a HUGE crush on Max and wanted to hold his hand the whole time. She would grab his hand and Max would look at me with a panicked expression like "how do I get out of this" and I would grab is other hand and say that it was my turn to hold hands with him.